Four Wheel Drive Club

Adventure begins where you want to dare

Who Are FWDC?

We introduce ourselves as group of individuals, who are 4 wheel drive enthusiasts, come together as a club, with a goal of establishing responsible foundation for 4 wheel Drive Vehicles for Recreation use in Sri Lanka. With the formation of this association we hope to provide a platform and a mechanism to consolidate this wealth of information and make 4 wheel Driving a form of responsible recreation, whilst fostering good will among its members and enriching experiences in the company of individuals with similar interest. We also hope to provide a singular point of access to these unique like-minded individuals and groups to have affiliations with other 4x4 offroading associations around the globe to share knowledge and experiences.

Objectives of the Four Wheel Drive Club

  • To educate and improve 4x4 driving skills, to discover new destinations. Become responsible 4x4 drivers.
  • To organize and promote 4x4 meets and rallies, either on its own or in collaboration with other motor sports clubs.
  • To pool technical knowledge and expertise to assist members in the repairs to their vehicles.
  • To compile a directory of 4x4 Vehicles in Sri Lanka.
  • To assist members in obtaining spares locally or from abroad.
  • To affiliate with 4x4 Clubs of other countries.
  • To maintain a reference library.
  • To assist enthusiasts to import 4x4 Vehicles.


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